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Tuhon Jasper De Ocampo

Tuhon Jasper De Ocampo

The global PTK community suffered a tragic loss in November 2013 when my good friend and mentor Tuhon Jasper De Ocampo passed away. I was deeply saddened by his sudden passing. Just a few days before he died, he, Mandala Mick Alcaraz and I were working together on a security project. He was a long-time supporter and instructor to PTK Manila; he and Tuhon Rommel were my first PTK instructors when I started training in 2002.

To those in the PTK community, Tuhon Jasper was well known for his involvement in teaching PTK to the Philippine military and law enforcement agencies. He was the Chief Instructor of the Philippine Army Pekiti Tirsia Close Quarters Combat (CQC) program, having taught the system in the Armed Forces of the Philippines since 1998, when he served as part of the Instructor Cadre of the first Instructor Certification Course for the Philippine Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Battalion.

Tuhon Jasper De Ocampo

He was also in charge of several training officer survival programs for the Philippine National Police. He was one of only three Tuhon-ranked Filipino instructors in the country.

Tuhon Jasper was more than a teacher to me. He was a good friend who was humble in spite of his rank and experience. He always helped me and others when we had technical questions and he always had the interest of the system in mind. He was an excellent leader, a good example of the virtues that we all seek to develop as PTK practitioners. He will be sorely missed by those he taught and inspired.

Paalam Tuhon Jasper


Tuhon Jasper De Ocampo and PTK Manila