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Kali Manila has created some of its own training gear to suit the club's needs.

Mataas na Guro Mike Albaño - PTK Bicol

Mataas na Guro Mike Albano

Mike Albaño began training with Mandala Buddy at PTK Manila in August 2008. After receiving his Lakan Guro rank in December 2010, he developed training groups in areas to the North of Metro Manila and also assisted in teaching the PTK Manila classes in the West Triangle area in 2012.

A native of Bicol, he returned to the province in 2013 to organize the first Pekiti Tirsia school there, PTK Bicol. The group trains in Naga City. Mike received a Mataas na Guro rank during the 3rd Asia Pacific Convention in 2013.

Location - 2nd floor of the BT2 Building, Diversion Road, Naga City adjacent to the new Metrobank Diversion Road, Naga City branch

Schedule - Saturday 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Email - mykes_albano[at]yahoo[dot]com

PTK Bicol