Instructors and Organizations

Training Gear

PTK Manila has created some of its own training gear to suit the club's needs.

Training Information

Schedule and Venue
Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday, 8pm to 10pm, at the basketball court of Blue Ridge B, Blue Ridge, Quezon City. The community is at the corner of Santolan and Katipunan Avenue. Please refer to our maps for more details.

There is a Makati class being conducted by Lakan Guro Jay Francisco

Training fee
Kali Manila charges a monthly training fee. We do not have an annual membership fee or daily rate. Please email us for details on our current rate.

Kali Manila teaches a form of Filipino Martial Arts which includes:

  • Single stick and double sticks
  • Single knife and double knives
  • Empty handed techniques, for both standing and grappling

Most of our students are referred to us by fellow students and those we know. Due to the nature of our edged weapons training, the teaching staff will interview all prospective students prior to accepting them for training. Prospective students must be at least 18 years old. The club reserves the right to refuse prospective students for various reasons.

We may require new prospective students to present a medical certificate attesting to the student's fitness to do strenuous activity. The teaching staff must be informed of any chronic injury that may affect training. Such limitations are not necessarily grounds for being refused membership in the group.

Beginners are required to train in exercise clothes and to bring their own drinking water. We don't require or recommend that beginners buy their own training weapons right away. We can supply sticks and other training weapons for the first classes. Beginners can later purchase these from our club's supppliers.