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Training Gear

  Kali Manila has created some of its own training gear to suit the club's needs.

Contact Us

For more information about our group or membership,

Email - [at] gmail [dot] com (just replace the [at] and [dot] with the approproate @ and . symbols)

Call or text - (0939) 910 6450

Facebook - Kali Manila Facebook group

Google Maps - Here's our location on Google Maps.

Twitter - You can also follow us on Twitter.

Makati classes - We have a training group in Makati, led by Lakan Guro Jay Francisco.

Directions to our training area

Coming from the south (Makati)
If you're coming from Makati and heading North on EDSA toward Cubao, turn right on White Plains highway (first corner after Ortigas Ave.) or turn right at the corner of EDSA and Santolan Avenue. At the end of White Plains highway, turn left and keep going until you get to the next traffic light, which will be the the intersection of Santolan and Katipunan Avenue. If you take the Santolan route, keep going east on that road until you get to this same intersection.

On Santolan, turn left at the light and head down Katipunan. On Katipunan (coming from White Plains highway), stay on Katipunan. Turn into the gate of Blue Ridge after the Shell station on the right. Tell the guard your going to the basketball court of Blue Ridge B.

Upon passing the village gate, turn right and turn left and turn left again. Head downhill until you see a small alley on the right. Enter the alley and the court is on your left. The road at the end of the alley is one way so turn right and look for a parking space (designated by yellow markers on the left side of the road).

From the south (on C5)
If you're coming from C5 and heading north, take the service road on the right of the Libis flyover. You'll turn right on FVR road. Make a u-turn when the opportunity presents itself and head uphill and stay on the right. The Blue Ridge gate will be on the right. Enter the gate and turn left on the first corner. The court will be on the right.

From the North (UP / Ateneo)
If you're coming from the UP / Ateneo area, make a u-turn near the corner of Santolan and Katipunan and follow the same directions as you would if you were coming from Makati or Santolan Avenue.

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