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Kali Manila has created some of its own training gear to suit the club's needs.

Barung compact stick bag

Barung compact stick bag

A few months ago one of the buyers of the Kampilan stick bag asked us if we have a smaller stick bag. He was looking for something that he could use to carry just the bare minimum training gear for a class, like a pair of sticks and one knife.

Named after the famous fighting blade from Mindanao, this bag is intended for the new student or the advanced practitioner commuting to class on a motorcycle or a bicycle or anyone looking for a way to carry the absolute essentials for Filipino Martial Arts training.

The bag has an unpadded main compartment 67 cm (26.37 inches) deep for sticks or training swords and is designed to carry four 5 cm (1.96 inches) diameter or six 2.54 cm (1 inch) diameter 71.12 cm (28 inch) sticks. It can accommodate sticks up to 81.28 cm (32 inches) long, by extending the flap of the main compartment. The bag features a secondary pocket for carrying training knives up to 28 cm (11.02 cm) long and other small items, and has a 22 cm (8.6 inch) YKK zipper on one side to make it easier to access the bottom of the pocket.

The main carrying strap is unpadded and features a stabilizing strap like those found on bike messenger bags, to keep the bag from shifting while riding.


Main Compartment

  • Length: 67 cm (26 inches)
  • Width: 16 cm (6.29 inches)
  • Thickness: 5 cm (1.96 inches)

Secondary compartment

  • Length 30 cm (11.81 inches)
  • Width 16 cm (6.29 inches)
  • Thickness 4.6 cm (1.81 inches)
  • Inner lining: 210 denier ripstop nylon (color may vary)
  • Carrying strap: 4 cm (1.57 inch) wide
  • Storage loop: 8 cm (3.14 inch) long

All the compartments are lined with nylon and the bag itself is made of super tough 1000 denier Cordura, the same as the Kampilan bag. The bag only comes in black and like its big brother the Kampilan bag, it's designed to last.

Price: USD 50

Please allow for 2 - 3 weeks for production and 2 to 3 more weeks for shipping (depending on destination)

Price is only for the stick bag and does not include shipping cost and the training weapons shown in the images.

Please email us at[at] regarding shipping charges.